Why Bus 11?

-by Colleen Shannon, Principal

For the first 3 years I lived in Anchorage, I survived without owning a car by taking Bus 11, which had a stop close to my first apartment, took me to my first temp jobs, and most importantly, it took me home.

Despite icy sidewalks and slush from passing cars, the arrival of Bus 11 was always a welcome sight. A few of my friends also took Bus 11, and it became a metaphor for all things good. The name Bus11 Design stuck when my first freelance job was a sign which was hung on…Bus 11.

After dramatically escaping dot.com
conditions in 1996 California, Colleen ended up in Alaska where she fell in love with snow and practices her sarcasm.

She likes moonlight snowshoeing, Scrabble, BBC TV shows and playing music on her 1905 Edison Phonograph.

Photographs: anchoragua.com

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